A long-awaited kick-off

The construction works for the extension to 18 holes in New Sierra Golf, Murcia, have already kicked off. This long-awaited moment due to the pandemic is now a reality.

Our role in this project is providing the Owners with specialized engineering services. Our work started in 2.019 with a topographic land survey, followed by the production of the golf course construction documentation, that allowed for an effective bidding process during 2.020. During the tendering of the works we backed the Owners with the appropriate technical coordination of the process. Now, during 2.021, we are already providing project management services and periodical site supervision of the works. Our role will end with the agronomy services focused on developing a successful grow-in program that guarantees great playing conditions at the course opening.

These works come 12 years after the construction of the front nine holes. An increase in greenfee sales and new members, as well as the determination of the Owners for continuing the real estate development project, has resulted in the start of the construction of the back nine holes.

The beginning of the works and its particularities

During the last summer, the clearing works, and the earthworks began. We focussed our work in making sure that the alterations in the orography of the existing land met the proposed solutions. This was particularly important in this project. The golf course lies in a region where torrential rains are common and are becoming more frequent. Therefore, a thorough hydrological study was vital. This enabled us to make an adequate design and to size the water streams that run through the property, also, to implement erosion control measures, and to design the storm water & runoff drainage system.

An additional challenge has been to source the sand to sand cap the golf course. We needed a sand type with adequate macro and micro porosity, with sufficient saturated hydraulic conductivity (ksat) to allow for leaching. This was due to the high salinity of the irrigation water.

Other challenges that have been taken into account

Another important challenge has been to re-build the junctions of the existing water streams. This was resolved with prefabricated concrete solutions. These allow for buggy and machinery paths crossing, as well as to cater for the 500-year return period design of the water streams.

Finally, and regarding irrigation, we are now working in the optimization of the storage capacity. To start with, the reservoirs have been cleaned to maximize their capacity before the start of autumn, and to ultimately cater for the golf course grow-in water demand.

Parallelly to the supervision of the works, we are also working in the planification of the 18 holes future context, as there will be changes in both the maintenance staff and the machinery fleet.