A pump station for the future

The Real Guadalhorce Golf Club, located in the heart of La Costa del Sol, was designed at the end of the 1980’s by the finnish golf architect Kosti Kuronen, in an old farm estate located to the North of Malaga’s airport, and adjacent to the river that names the club. Today, after a golf course redesign by its world-acclaimed member Miguel Ángel Jiménez and its iconic club house (an old refurbished house estate that dates from the XVIII century named “Cortijo de Colmenares”, the club faces a new challenge with the renovation of the pump station.

“Since I joined the Club, one of my main priorities has been to improve and optimize the irrigation system. The pump station is the heart of golf course and the core of the irrigation system, and ours is more than 30 years old”, says Gonzalo Navarro, the Club’s Head Greenkeeper. “The existing pumps have exceeded their working life expectancy, and in addition, they are extremely energy inefficient. We are dealing with a scenario in which it is not worth to pay for expensive repairs and electricity bills. So that, we have reached a point in which we have to take a step forward towards a pump station of the future: smart, efficient, functional, and designed to meet the needs of our golf course and our irrigation system.

The club has entrusted us the renovation of the pump station. To start with, we have carried out an audit of the existing pump station (intake, piping, hydraulic elements of the system, automatism system, etc.). Once the irrigation system pressure needs, and the maximum allowable flow have been worked out, we have designed the new group of pumps to be used, as well as the needed automatism system. Also, together with security items and devices, injection system, water flow meter, etc.

Secondly, we have elaborated the project documentation (bill of quantities, plans, technical specifications), so that we can start with the bidding process, in which different pump brands and contractors have been invited.

Finally, we have elaborated a comparative chart to aid the Club’s decision-making process, that includes information and conclusions of the different options that have been contemplated. We strongly believe that this is the most desirable way to warrant that the Club has all the necessary technical support to undertake a renovation that will be competitive, efficient, and operative.