Building solid foundations in south Tenerife

The elaboration of the annual general maintenance plan and the implementation of an agronomy strategy have the ultimate aim of accurately define all procedures and operations that are to be executed in the different areas of the golf course throughout the year. These procedures and operations aim to achieve great quality standards based on the available human resources and equipment.


To produce a very precise and efficient annual general maintenance plan, it is required to have deep knowledge of the golf course, as well as all factors that are involve in turfgrass management and quality golf course playing surfaces. For example, knowing characteristics of the existing soils, the quality of the irrigation water; pests, illnesses and weed management; climate changes throughout the year. All these will enable us to predict all the works, operations, and measures to implement in order to grant the best possible playing surfaces and anticipate and tackle possible problems.

Since we started working for Amarilla Golf in 2.020, this is the first year that we have elaborated the plan. The golf course has 9 greens constructed under the USGA guidelines, and the other 9 are push-up greens, that were constructed with local topsoil. There are different varieties of paspalum in fairways, and greens are “winter overseed” with poa trivialis for the peak season.

The plan, includes all operations and activities for the PGR’s (Plant Growth Regulator) strategy, weed management strategy (kikuyugrass control, smutgrass, and goosegrass), wetting agent application strategy and pesticide control. Also, a fertilization plan with nutrient requirements has been produced based on an estimation of the potential growth of the plant. Finally, all aeration and thatch control operations have been included, as well as an analysis program (porosity; ksat; organic matter; soils, plant tissue; nemathodes). In addition, we need to create a data base to record information throughout the year, so that the plan will be adjusted every year to achieve the best possible accuracy.

During the following months we will continue to work in a coordinated manner, and side-to-side with the Head Greenkeeper, Héctor Rodríguez, and the Owner, granting the interests of the Club with the aim of using all resources in the most efficient manner and that the maintenance of the club will evolve to a higher level.