Complete golf irrigation system renovation in Real Club de Golf de Tenerife

Complete golf irrigation system renovation in Real Club de Golf de Tenerife

We are very glad to announce that we are already working on the renovation project of the irrigation system at the Real Club de Golf de Tenerife; one of the oldest clubs in the Spanish geography. This project contemplates the renovation of the entire hydraulic network, sprinklers and control system, that dates back from 1.974 making an efficient maintenance impossible. The system will distribute water by gravity, avoiding significant energy costs, and will require a detailed study of pressure regulation at critical points. Another major challenge is improving the quality of irrigation water, which will be carried out using injection and dosing equipment.

The Club faces from this moment, a new challenge with the irrigation system renovation project. The obsolescence of the existing system makes the greenkeeping  daily routine very difficult, and on top of this, prevents the head greenkeeper from preparing the golf course in the best possible condition when irrigation is necessary. In the initial stage, we have gathered the required topographical information for the following stages of irrigation design and the elaboration of the project documentation.

To set in motion the renovation of the irrigation system has been one of my main priorities since I joined the Club as a head greenkeeper. The existing one dates back from 1.974 and has gone through various improvements and modifications. In a daily basis we go through numerous problems due to that most of the greens do not have controlled irrigation. In addition to this, we are not in possession of a central irrigation computer, the obsolescent valves cause water leaks, and the poor water quality blocks numerous sprinklers due to carbonate scale formation. To summarize, the existing irrigation implies spending too many working hours, and makes it inefficient and unsustainable” says Xavier Magnee, head greenkeeper of the Real Club de Golf de Tenerife.

“To undertake an important project like this, we understand that it is essential to work with an engineering firm specialized in golf irrigation that guarantees good results, such as SURTEC Golf Agronomy. We are all in the same page, working side by side (Club’s board, Club’s management, Greenkeeping, and SURTEC) in a way in which criteria from all parties is taken into account, so that the final result will meet all expectations. We have already started working with the aim of commencing the works in 2.021″ added María Rodríguez de Guzmán, general manager of Real Club de Golf de Tenerife.

At the moment, the initial bidding phase for the selection of the irrigation equipment manufacturer has started, and we are currently working on this exciting and challenging project.

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