El Paraíso Golf Club selects us as consultants.

Since January, we have begun to provide our Consulting service at El Paraíso Golf Club, a course with almost 50 years of history, which has the distinction of having been designed by Gary Player. Within the policy of continuous improvement of the Club, they decided to hire SURTEC to define the appropriate agronomic strategies to turn the course around and raise its quality standards. Likewise, we will give the Club the necessary engineering support in the renovation plans they have been putting in place for some years.

We are finalizing an annual agronomical maintenance plan, whose implementation and adjustments will be carried out by means of periodic visits to the golf course, in which we supervise the execution of the plan, the evolution of the different agronomic and playability aspects, and make new recommendations to put into practice in the following period. We also hold meetings with Management to provide feedback on the progress observed, as well as on any relevant aspects detected and necessary measures taken.

Furthermore, we are already preparing the strategic plan for reforms, renovations and improvements in the golf course for the 50th anniversary of the Club in 2023. The first step has been to carry out a topographical survey based on photogrammetry with drones complemented with traditional topography work using GPS and total station. By means of this system we have managed to considerably reduce work timings, with slight or no inconvenience to players and with a significant reduction of costs for the Club with respect to the traditional survey.

The next objective is to optimize and update the irrigation system, which begins with the audit that we are currently carrying out, included within our Consultancy service. When we have its conclusions, we will be able to define actions, update the central control software and optimize the operation of the pump station.