Irrigation audit in a golf sanctuary

Irrigation audit in a golf sanctuary

Destiny made us a beautiful present: in the 10th anniversary of the death of the legend from Pedreña, Severiano Ballesteros, we had the opportunity to perform a comprehensive audit of the irrigation system of his home Club.

Comprehensive irrigation system audit

The main aim of the audit was to evaluate the existing situation: what was the current condition of the installation, and where we wanted it to be in the future. The irrigation system at Pedreña had been renovated during the last few years in phases that affected certain holes and areas.

This led to the coexistence of different technologies (from decoders controlling electrovalves for block irrigation, to Rainbird IC system with in-built decoders in recently installed sprinklers).

The pumping station was also complex. There were three pumping groups that catered for higher elevations, lower elevations, and Seve’s design 9-hole course located along the estuary. The existence of the 3 pumping groups required subdividing the system in 3 independent hydraulic networks.

Within the scope of the irrigation renovation works, the club also carried out the construction of a new irrigation lake, and the renovation of 2 of the 3 pumping groups. The holes where the irrigation renovation had taken place, included individual control sprinklers and full coverage, except from Seve’s 9 hole golf course, where only tees and greens are irrigated. This is due to the original concept design of the course, that was to have a natural and linksy appeal.


The irrigation audit report

The audit report included a chapter with taylor made recommendations for the Head Greenkeeper Dani Rodríguez, so that he can start carrying out improvement works.

Following the audit, we will undertake a topographic survey using the combination of traditional equipment, such as GPS and total station, and drones. This work will provide with the required information to reconfigure and update the irrigation software.

We just have words of gratitude for Real Golf de Pedreña. They made us feel like we were at home and part of their golfing family. Now, we feel grateful for contributing to the improvement of this sanctuary of the game.