La Peñaza undergoes a heart transplant

La Peñaza undergoes a heart transplant

“We are committed to a future that will continue making history”, says the motto of the Real Club de Golf de La Peñaza. And making history is also going from a 20-year-old pump station to an up-to-date state of art one. Digitalized and efficient. Without a doubt, a turning point in the Club’s water management strategy.

The renovation of the main elements of the pump station (pumps and variable frequency drives-VFD) has been carried out after a first phase, in which 2 pressure regulation valves were installed (allowing for a set operating pressure of 8,5 bar) and the replacement of a problematic stretch in the discharge pipe that included a new high density polyethylene pipe.

The renovation also comprised the installation of a new pump bench, that included a jockey pump Grundfos CR 32-6 and 3 main pumps Grundfos CR 95-4. Each of them controlled with a VFD. Also, the main headers have modified, as well as essential security elements (bladder pressure tank, pressure relief valve, and an air release valve). Also, an electromagnetic water flow to register water use and flow (or “heart beat”).

All VFDs are controlled by a PLC system that also integrates other elements of the system, such as a water level probe, flow meter readings, recirculation pumps, etc. In addition, through a SCADA system, all information can be remotely monitored.

The Works, both regarding the hydraulic part and the control system part, have been carried out by Casas Masgrau, and the duration has been approximately 3 months. Concurrently, the disposal of old elements, flooring and wall lining have been carried out in-house.

The Club is aware of the importance of irrigation in an extreme climate such as the one in Zaragoza. Therefore, the Club is committed to continue their plans to improve their irrigation system in the coming years. An improvement plan that without a doubt, will contribute to offer the members a golf course with the best possible conditions.