Surtec – Precision agronomy

Dividing the golf course into different “agronomical management zones”

Technology for optimization

Surtec’s precision agronomy strategy lets you obtain agronomical data that is used to divide the golf course into separate zones with different requirements. By managing these zones adequately, the quality of the golf course will improve and costs reduced.

Precision agronomy is a relatively new technology within the golf course industry and it is based on precision agriculture, which started to become a reality in the 90s.
The precision agronomy strategy is based on the assessment of the data obtained in terms of soil, compaction, plant vigour, topography, orientation, day light and many more parameters that define the different agricultural requirements of a particular zone.

With this strategy, maintenance operations can be adjusted to meet actual plant requirements when these are typically based on larger scale estimations. The precision agronomy strategy will ultimately result in an optimization of maintenance practices, both at an economical and operational level.