Road to an excellent green with the “Green Playability Program”

Road to an excellent green with the “Green Playability Program”

Last week, we visited La Finca Golf Resort (Alicante, Spain), to carry out our annual “Green Playability Program” that evaluates green performance and ball roll thanks to specific measurements. This program was provided to our client, as part of our comprehensive golf course consultancy service.

Once a year we produce a report for the Board of Directors and agronomy team that shows the data gathered on the following key parameters:

  • Organic matter content by depth.
  • Soil nutrient analysis.
  • Green Speed.
  • Green Firmness.
  • Soil moisture.
  • Smoothness.
  • Trueness.


The data becomes more valuable year after year, allowing the Club to have objective data to consolidate, or adjust if necessary, an ongoing turfgrass management strategy to reach the targeted playing quality standards of the Club. The aim of our “Green Playability Program” is:

  • Obtain accurate measurements of playing conditions.
  • Provide with highly valuable data to make decisions.
  • Improve consistency and homogeneity whithin a green, and between greens.
  • Help optimize the greens playing quality.
  • Identify areas that need improvement.

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