Surtec – Auditorías de riego certificadas ENG

International leading firm in golf course irrigation system auditing

Rigorous irrigation audits carried out by industry certified professionals

Surtec’s auditors are accredited “certified Golf Course Auditors” by the US Irrigation Association. This lets the client rely on expert and most highly qualified professionals within the industry.

In an irrigation audit process, a final technical report is produced and includes an assessment on the different elements that compose an irrigation system and its functionality. The main points to be analysed are the irrigation system design, efficiency of the used water, the condition of the hydraulic elements and the set irrigation software programming. This technical report includes conclusions and recommendations and will allow the club to have a real picture of the current state of the irrigation system, as well as to identify problems that are limiting its performance and therefore the quality of the playing surfaces, personnel productivity and resource management. The ultimate goal of the technical report is to set a strategic plan to mitigate existing problems and/or improve the efficiency of the irrigation system.

A guaranteed return on investment

An irrigation audit is one of the most profitable investments that a golf course can make. Correcting these deficiencies that have been identified during the irrigation system audit will result in immediate cost savings and a significant improvement of the quality of the playing surfaces.