Surtec – Diseño de sistemas de riego ENG

Bespoke Irrigation system for each golf course

Europe’s most qualified irrigation design team

Surtec’s team includes CID (certified irrigation designer) professionals, that warrants an optimal design and functionality using up to date technology and making a detailed assessment of the existing situation.

Efficient irrigation is vital for a successful golf course. Regardless complexity, objective or cost, an irrigation system is the most important element of a golf course. The quality of the playing surfaces and an efficient use of all resources depend on the performance of an irrigation system.

An irrigation system is a complex infrastructure that needs to be thoroughly studied and designed. The system can be formed by multiple elements such as the pump system, the main pipe and secondary pipe network, isolation valves, drain valves, power and communication network, control system, modern sprinklers, quick coupling valves, grounding, etc.

Surtec’s engineers will thoroughly study every detail of the irrigation system project

A highly skilled team, specialized in applied hydraulics, agronomy and CAD design will produce a bespoke irrigation system that warrants an optimal design, pipe sizing, and tested functionality by simulating its performance. Given an initial investment, it also guarantees adequate specifications to meet a desired system lifespan.