Surtec – Green playability program ENG

Data based assessment of the greens

Get to know the performance of your greens

The club will benefit from obtaining objective data of performance testing that will lead to more consistency in green conditions by adjusting maintenance operations.

The Green Playability Program (GPP) is a programme that enables head greenkeepers to objectively assess playing quality conditions of a green. The programme is based on measuring and monitoring of parameters that have a direct impact on the performance of the green. These parameters are green speed, surface hardness, ball roll quality, humidity and organic matter content.
It is very common that members and golfers comment on green conditions (they were hard, soft, fast, played differently, etc.) based on play feeling.

The aim of this programme is to offer a tool that objectively evaluates and monitor greens condition based on factual field measurements. With this programme, green performance can be accurately assessed. The information, which is objective and factual, can be delivered to members and be used to plan maintenance operations in order to improve or modify green performance as desired.

The standard programme consists of obtaining field data twice a year that will then be processed and evaluated

The information will be delivered to the club, which will be able to visualize data and interpret it with graphs and tables for each of the assessed parameters. Surtec not only has provided this service to golf clubs, but has also provided this service in major golf professional events like in the European Tour, delivering data for the course set up, before and during the event.
Download an example report.