Surtec – Pump efficiency program ENG

Make the most of your pump system

Annual verification of the most important element

Adequate functioning of the pump system is essential. As a consequence of this, in Surtec we have developed a programme designed to examine the system annually so that the Club make sure the system is working correctly.

Surtec’s pump efficiency programme has been developed in order to provide Golf Clubs with a service that annually evaluates both hydraulic and energy efficiency of the pump system.

Through the inspection of all elements, in addition to an efficiency test in-situ during an irrigation event, Surtec’s technicians are able to evaluate the working efficiency of each of the pumps and the system as a whole in terms of pressure, flow and energy. Any existing problems, such as current and voltage harmonics or a pump not operating along its performance curve will be identified and competent solutions will be proposed in order to avoid major problems.

The pump efficiency programme is the initial step towards an efficient use of energy

The programme makes sure that the pump system provides with the required flow and pressure to the existing irrigation system. It makes sure that prevents from potential problems and faults too. In addition to this, the programme includes an annual cost analysis that compares current system efficiency in energy with its maximum achievable efficiency. This analysis aids decision making when facing a system renovation.