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Turning an exciting idea into tangible reality. From a master plan to a comprehensive and detailed construction project. 

A project needs to be thoroughly designed from its conception

Our work starts from an in-depth preliminary assessment that is essential to produce adequate construction specifications. These have to be followed during construction works to ensure a successful result.

A construction project comprises the documentation that compiles all calculations and defines all specifications of the works to be carried out. It also compiles general conditions and bills of quantities for materials, elements and resources to be used. During this stage, once the final design has been defined by the Golf Course Architect, we proceed with the following documents:

• Calculation of cut and fill volumes.
• Irrigation system and pump station design.
• Drainage system design.
• Bunker lining requirements & sand selection.
• Green & tee construction specifications.
• Buggy paths construction specifications.
• Grass cultivar assessment and selection.
• Fertilization programme and soil amendments.
• Grow-in programme.

Subsequently, specifications of all elements, materials and resources to be used are clearly defined.

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The value of a construction project

Our construction projects, compile all the necessary documentation to undertake the construction works and commence planning permission and tendering processes. This documentation contains detailed CAD plans, construction specifications, bill of quantities and budgeting.