Surtec – Renovación y reformas de campos de golf ENG

Get the golf course up to date

Professional advice on investments for renovations

Surtec’s team will support you by identifying priorities, defining the most adequate renovation strategy and accurately estimate its cost. It will also include planning necessary actions taking into account their impact on the club’s daily routine.

Golf course renovations, whether partial or full, are always needed at some point during its existence. Elements such as the irrigation system, drainage, pump stations, buggy paths, bunkers, greens, etc. all have a lifespan. When this is reached, their functionality is reduced significantly, incurring in a negative impact on the course quality and the cost of maintenance.
All improvements undertaken during a renovation will considerably reduce operational costs and increase golfer satisfaction, which will generate larger incomes due to an increase on greenfee demand, the possibility of increase its price or the arrival of new members.

A professional and specialized team, key for a successful renovation

The very first step when facing a golf course renovation is to rely on an experienced team, as a matter of fact, since the start of the planning process. The team will determine the actions to be carried out and how to implement them, so that scheduling, costs and impact on the club’s daily routine is optimized.