Surtec – SWAMP ENG

Surtec Water Management Programme

Comply with existing regulations

Surtec has developed a water management program that will enable golf clubs to comply with all applicable and existing regulations regarding the health aspect of water quality.

The Surtec Water Management Programme (SWAMP) is a comprehensive water management plan whose ultimate aim is to be fully compliant with existing regulations, particularly within the health aspect of water quality (Legionella and other pathogens) and the use of reclaimed water. The SWAMP also includes technical advice on the agronomical water quality and its use.

Implementing the programme guarantees that the Club carries out all the necessary actions and procedures to meet the current legislation on the use of reclaimed water user and prevention and control of Legionela. By this means, an adequate monitoring of the water analysis to be carried out, registration of health & safety measures, verifications and certifications that need to be expedited is subcontracted. So that, Club interests are protected against eventual authority inspections.