The importance of communication

We are very delighted to have participated in the last annual general meeting at El Paraíso Golf Course and to have explained the members our vision and the rationale behind the decisions that are made regarding golf agronomy and golf course renovations.

From our side, as consultants, we find that it is essential to keep the members fully informed of the current conditions of the golf course, and to provide detailed information regarding the strategy to face future challenges that are to come. We strongly believe that creating an honest and positive synergy between the members and the team responsible for the golf course (in this case the Managing Director, the figure of the green’s liaison representing de members, the Head GreenKeeper and the External Consultant) is the most desirable way to progress and meet the club’s objective of continuous improvement.

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate the members for being very actively involved in the golf course maintenance affairs, and for having hosted us like if we were at home turf.